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so I thought there was no better way to really reflect upon and wrap up my 2nd year of teaching than to write a mini reflection about each of my 15 pumpkins from the year. They made me smile, they made me laugh, they made me frustrated, upset, and sad. They knew how to push my buttons but also knew exactly what to say to brighten up my day. But most importantly, they shaped me and helped me become the teacher that I am today.

so here’s part one of my 2nd year student reflections, looking at K and J.

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Jul 12 2010

nytimes, what, whaaat

the few, the proud :) it’s okay to be jealous New York Times article

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Jun 29 2010


year 2 has come and gone. lots of good things to reflect upon and write about, most likely about each of my 15 pumpkins, but that’s for later in the summer once I’ve had time to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and relax. but really, the whole reason for this post is to announce to the world…

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Jun 16 2010

Day 171…

one more week. I can make it. report cards: check portfolios: semi-check student narratives: semi-check final reading levels: check final math mastery: semi-check final writing levels: ummmmmm 3 full days, including field day which shouldn’t count as a day 3 half days I can do this…….

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May 14 2010


while watching NCIS:LA this little beauty of a quote came up “Mina, you have a degree in early childhood education, you must love children…” haha, if only you knew NCIS:LA script writers, if only you knew.

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May 12 2010

Day 147: Seen and Heard

Seen and heard in 1st grade today D: Today, when I was the numerator, and I was reading the story…. I’m pretty sure he meant narrator, but hey, at least some math vocabulary from last month stuck around

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May 07 2010

Day 144: I’m Broken

Well, not really broken, but I’ve got a nice sprained ankle. I’d really like to say that I hurt myself doing something hardcore and intense, but nope, that’s not the case. Instead, I hurt myself stretching with my kiddos in math class on Tuesday. We were doing some count-by-2′s “reach for the stars” where stand…

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Apr 24 2010

Day 134: A generation gap

When I was little, I remember playing on the playground in kindergarten, chasing my friends around playing “Peter Pan.” Katie D was Captain Hook (if you knew Katie D, you’d understand why she was Captain Hook…she made a perfect Disney villain). Matt and Eric alternated the roles of Peter Pan or Michael. And I, of…

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Apr 19 2010

Day 130: End of an era

So it was an end of an era in my classroom today. I survived, no one died. Just barely. Sadly, our streak of going 129 days without calling a classmate a mean name ended today. The era of good feelings is over. My children have been replaced with monsters. I may acting just a little…

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Apr 15 2010

Life Update

I’ve been incredibly busy with school and teaching these past few weeks. But, my thesis is finished!!! And after 8 hours of parent-teacher conferences I’m exhausted, but lesson plans for next week won’t write themselves unfortunately. For this month’s edition of why I teach moments: 1. During parent-teacher conferences A’s mom told me that he…

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