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Oct 07 2008

Chapter 2…

Average pretest score – 42%
Average end of chapter test – 92%
% Growth – 50%!!!

Smashed my goals…again
85% class average goal – check!
30% growth goal – check!

and no one scored below a 75%

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  1. nbroadsmiths

    “Miss smith! miss smith! watch me smash this goal!”

    way to go, ellie! those numbers are far above what you could have hoped for but, as you said earlier, there was a lot of room for growth in this unit. the best is that no one scored below a 75%! i guess all those long evenings doing lesson plans have made a difference.

    congradulations, miss smith! we’re looking forward to having you home with us this weekend and we love you so very much! see you soonest.


  2. Lewis Hawthorne

    hi there me and Megan wanted to say hello from Virginia. Hope u r doing ok and we are still or i am still trying to figure this blog thing out. Hope you are doing ok and havin fun.
    Lewis and Megan

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