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Jan 10 2009


I took a little break from this for a bit… it was really rough before winter break (as the previous post explains) and then this past week in school has been tough as well, but I’m back and have tons to share

Since we got back from winter break my kiddos have been learning about land habitats (arctic, african grasslands, deciduous forest, and the desert) To wrap up our land habitat unit my babies worked in groups (eek!) and made land habitat dioramas. I’m not going to lie, I was very apprehensive and nervous about this project going into it, but was blown away with what my fantastic super scientists created…

class #1 working on the dioramas

class #1 working on their dioramas

class #2 working on their dioramas

some of class #3 working on their dioramas

and after 2 days of intense group work (and minimal guidance – another eek!), I now present to you the finished products…

Class #1

arctic group (missing 2 kids who left early)
and the close up of the box

african grasslands group (missing 2 kids)

close up…

notice the drunk purple giraffe…
deciduous forest group (missing 1 kiddo)


the sticks in the corner = a beaver dam
“You can’t see the beaver because it is hiding in it’s lodge because it’s scared of the bear, Ms S”

Class #2

arctic group


deciduous forest group


whole lotta animals in this one… you’ve got a deer (the red animal at the bottom), a brown bear (the brown animal in the front with the smiley face), a squirrel, a skunk, a beaver on a rock, 2 eagles flying (thus the flapping wings) and a red cardinal

desert group


a whole bunch of animals here too…
there’s a coyote on the rock, a jackrabbit with brown ears, a tortise, snake, and a scorpion on a cactus

Class #3

desert group (the little girl holding the box hit herself in the face before I took the picture which is why she looks so sad)


the black animal on the back of the box is a coyote, then there’s a butterfly in the sky, and a brown hawk in the sky next to that, a whole bunch of snakes, rocks, and cacti.

and finally, the african grasslands group


the big pink thing is a tree, there’s a giraffe and and two zebras, a gazelle, and a family of lions

moral of the story: I’m soooo proud of my kids

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  1. Kristin

    I would just like you to know how inspiring your blog has been. I am in the process of applying for TFA and (if accepted) would love to teach elementary school possibly in Camden. I loved reading about the ups and downs of it. Keep up the great work :)

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