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Sep 23 2009

Why I love my job: Reason number 526,974

One of my kiddos wasn’t in school yesterday, but came to back to school night with her mom. She ran up to me, gave me the biggest hug, and said, “Ms. S, I wasn’t grumpy or sad I couldn’t see you yesterday because I had a beautiful picture of you in my mind all day so I was happy!”

yeah. I pretty much melted on the spot.
love my job.

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  1. mom and dad

    and because we know you love your job, we are so incredibly proud of you. you make such an amazing difference in the lives of your kids and they will ALWAYS remember their “ms smith! ms smith!” w/love!
    keep on making it happen, ellie, and you’ll get to watch your caterpillars turn into beautiful butterfiles!
    we love you!

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