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Nov 01 2009

Year 2, day 38? aka…Halloween Celebrations…

Twas the day before Halloween and all through the school,
15 anxious children were seated, trying to just keep their cool.
Their backpacks were hung on the coat hooks with little care,
With bottoms anxiously wiggling around in their chairs.

Now sitting on the carpet with Where the Wild Things Are being read,
With visions of their awaiting costumes dancing around in their heads.
And Ms Smith in her striped sweater and Wild Thing hat,
Stood up front reading, just wanting a nap.

When all of a sudden in the midst of Wild Rumpusing and vowel song singing,
A wasp had entered the classroom, looking angry and ready for some stinging!
Quickly, towards the window Ms. Smith ran with a flash,
And slammed shut the window, with quite a loud crash!

Pausing for a second to glance at the leaves strewn on the ground,
Yellow, red, some orange, and lots of brown.
Ms. Smith took some time to clear her head,
Knowing that the commotion that was lurking ahead.

Just a little bit longer, a few hours to go,
The minutes ticked by, the day was moving by so slow.
Until finally one o’clock rolled around,
The excitement was building, as well as the sound.

From out of their backpacks, their costumes were found,
Socks, shoes, and sweaters, all over the ground.
15 children transformed into costumed creatures,
Screaming, and yelling, and calling out to their teacher.

“Look at me! Look at me! Look at me!” They all yelled,
Standing hip and lip in the hall, they bid their classroom farewell.
Around the school they paraded, smiles plastered on their faces,
Waving and dancing between their little, tiny paces.

Finally back to the classroom, to eat cookies and juice,
Ms. Smith counting the minutes until she could turn them all loose!
With the last bit of sugar being stuffed in their mouths,
Ms. Smith packed them all up, getting ready to send them back to their own house.

Then out on the playground in a very wiggly line,
Ms. Smith finally started to feel fine.
Watching 15 students walk with parents out of her sight,
Happy Halloween to all, and to all a good night!

Halloween should be a half day.
End of story.

Costumed Kiddies

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  1. rplate

    That was fabulous! You are so creative. I wish I had the energy in me to have such entertaining blog posts! I *loved* it!

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