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Jan 26 2010

Day 87: Half Day Blues

Today was a half day, with the rest of the day spent in teacher PD. Not going to lie, it was probably the longest half-day of the year. I forgot that my kids still had science today even though it was a half day, so Ms. Smith’s Normal Math Show-Me-What-You-Know Quiz show was cut short which would have been fine except my kids were looking forward to it and spent the last part of the morning grumpy and in a funk.

A large chunk of today’s displeasure and mental lag is from my sheer exhaustion that I’ve been feeling the past few days. Normally, the weekends are my time to veg, do nothing, and get all of my energy back that I lost during the week. This weekend, however, I stayed up late on Friday because I was literally so tired from work I couldn’t fall asleep – that’s right, I was so exhausted I couldn’t sleep. On Saturday, I had an all day, waste-of-my-life masters class orientation from 9-1. Doesn’t sound that painful except for the fact that it was a giant waste of my life, AND it was also 2 hours away in North Jersey. Saturday night was the Corps Member (postponed from December) Holiday party, which, again, was fun, but on a few hours of sleep just drained my body of the little energy I had left. So Sunday I spent working and watching football. And as silly as it sounds, with the games being later on than normal, I spent the whole day thinking it was earlier than it actually was, and therefore had problems falling asleep before 10 because I thought it was 8.

So yeah, moral of the story is that I am exhausted. Throw in the million things I have to due by Friday, a 2 hour grad class on Thursday and I’m not in the best mental health state.

It’s only Tuesday and I’m already looking forward to the weekend.

Seen and heard in 1st Grade:
Nothing too exciting today, sorry folks.

Ps. tomorrow: updated pictures of my classroom. Beware, it’s an explosion of color and fun…just the way I like it

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