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Feb 01 2010


so my day started with me dropping me toothbrush into the toilet. If that wasn’t a metaphor for the day, I don’t know what is.
Teaching wise, it was fine. I mean aside from my child “with extra energy” rolling on the floor, acting like a dinosaur, and “driving a racecar” in the middle of math it was good. (Keep in mind this behavior is WITH stretch breaks, wiggle breaks, and running around in a circle in the hallway or by the word wall, so its not like I’m just throwing my hands in the air and saying “I give up”… it has become a normal occurrence in my life – just your typical day for my child with “extra energy”)

This week is going to be hell week with a capital H. I had class tonight, literally just got home after being out since 7 this morning. I have a paper due Thursday, Parent-Teacher conferences Wednesday 4-7pm and Thursday 1-4 pm, class Thursday night from 5:30-7, and if that wasn’t enough, lesson plans due on Thursday.

Needless to say, toothbrush in the toilet bowl is the story of my life.

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