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Feb 06 2010


well, I made it through the week, but just barely. and now I have the nastiest cold in the history of the world (no exaggeration). As soon as one thing feels better, the something else starts to feel worse.

also, we got slammed with 28.5″ of snow according to 6abc and cbs3. being sick and stuck on the couch I watched an unhealthy amount of local nor’easter reporting and probably know just about as much as mayor nutter. also, felt a little famous because abc or cbs (I can’t remember, all of the news coverage is blending together) turned the camera at campbells field around to look into camden and it was right on my house. everytime they talked about new jersey they went to that shot. now that I think about it, it was 6abc.

please excuse the randomness. I am drugged up on dayquil, cough medicine, and enough decongestant to cure an army…and none of it is working.

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  1. sounds like a glorious week. hope you feel better soon. there must be something in the air for I am having quite a year myself.

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