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Mar 05 2010

Day 108: Go ahead and test me

Testing after a million bajillion snowdays is not fun.
Testing on a Friday is not fun.
Testing in first grade is not fun.
Teaching first grade can sometimes not be fun.

Do you know how stressful it is to be responsible for teaching 15 children how to read? Or count money? Or do addition and subtraction facts? Or tell time? Or write a complete sentence? To say that March has been a big kick in the butt is the understatement of the century. Its the month where you have to kick kids in the butt and push them to achieve and really start worrying about the kids who are struggling. Its the month where if they don’t know their short vowels by now, there’s a problem. Ditto for not being able to write a sentence. Doubble ditto for not being able to write their numbers.

This month will eat me alive. My stress level is sky high. Add in all of the extra work I have on my plate right now with my Masters’ classes and its not a pretty picture

But in happier news. After two months of not having outdoor recess my children are going out today. There are currently screams of jubilation resounding throughout my classrom right now. They started thanking the weather. My thoughts and words exactly.


Seen and heard in first grade today:
D: Ms, S. I’m depressed.
Me: What’s wrong D?
D: My mom didn’t let me watch sports center, I missed the top plays. My life is over


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