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Mar 10 2010

Day 111: Streeeeeetch it out

So yesterday it was bee-you-tee-full outside so I went for a run. A nice 2 mile run to the Battleship New Jersey and back. Nothing too major, almost fell in the Delaware River, no big deal. Well today my body was not happy with my decision. Sitting on the carpet criss-cross applesauce all day was also not a good decision. Needless to say, we did a lot of stretch breaks today because, well as my kids best described it, Ms. S was broken today.

I did however discover a few things:
1. Singing “I’m a little teapot” and doing the motions that go with it is fantastic to work out your back muscles
2. 6-year-olds never get tired of “reaching for the stars” and “digging for worms”. I swear my kids could have touched their toes all day.
3. By simply counting by different methods, or singing different vowel sounds while you stretch is totally a fantastic way of getting 6-year-olds to get their energy out and learn all at the same time. Also, doing jumping jacks while spelling sight words is a must. Mainly because my kids haven’t quite grasped the concept of jumping jacks so they move their arms and then their feet so I crack up watching them

Seen and heard in first-grade:
A: (Running around on the playgroud with arms stretched out like an airplane, singing at the top of his lungs) I beeeeeeeeee-lieve I can fllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (doing his best R.Kelly impersonation)

N, While reading a story about making a birthday cake, looks at the picture, covers it up and looks at me with wide eyes and says, “ooooh it looks so good, I can’t look at it, I just want to eat it.”

2 Responses

  1. this is a good thing, shows all kinds of flexibility.

  2. mom and dad

    “. . . almost fell into the Delaware . . . ”

    somehow, we’re not all that surprised. sigh.

    we are particularly enjoying your ‘seen and heard in first grade” moments! many sound vaguely familiar and could have come from a first grade certain teacher we know quite well when SHE was that age — and her sister.

    while walking around philly yesterday, the 3 of us decided that james k would be a fine teacher! no really, he’d be great! stop laughing!!

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