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Mar 15 2010

Day 115: Rainy Monday

To preempt the rainy monday blues, our morning meeting this morning was all about springtime and how the rain helps our world look beautiful again. For the rest of the day not a single complaint about the weather was heard, not even before leaving for indoor recess. Nothing a little manipulation couldn’t fix.

Our new country of the month is France. My kids are all pumped about it because of the insane amount of times we’ve read Madeline as a class. Nothing is funnier listening to 6 year old trying to say Arc de Triomphe and bonjour

I also have the 4 quarters dance stuck in my head… 25, 50, 75, a Dollar, 4 quarters in one dollar, 4 quarters in one dollar. Other than that, nothing too exciting to report on this quiet, rainy monday.

Seen and Heard in 1st grade:
Me: Bonjour A.
A: Bon-drawer, Ms. S. Ms. S, why do they say bon-drawer? Drawer, like the thing we put clothes in? That sounds silly.

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  1. glad you have picked up the blogging pace, as for me, I need to remember to get the National Geographics into your hands

  2. ms210

    yes please :) that would be greatly appreciated! I might be home this weekend? If not, definitely next weekend

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