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Apr 15 2010

Life Update

I’ve been incredibly busy with school and teaching these past few weeks. But, my thesis is finished!!! And after 8 hours of parent-teacher conferences I’m exhausted, but lesson plans for next week won’t write themselves unfortunately.

For this month’s edition of why I teach moments:

1. During parent-teacher conferences A’s mom told me that he started to cry after hugging me before Spring Break because he was going to miss me so much. A immediately got out of his seat and gave me a hug and I started to cry.

2. Walking down the hall today after recess today all of the 2nd graders were outside waiting to go on the playground. I felt like a celebrity from all of the hugs and “Ms. S!” I heard. UPDATE: comment from kid-sister: “and just think, next year you’ll have TWO grades of kids shouting your name. you’re going to be bigger than justin bieber”

3. While acting out the life cycle of a chicken today, A carefully pecked out of his shell and raised his wings and started to sing, “I beeeeelieve I can fly”

4. We’re learning about natural resources and conservation in Social Studies. I’m raising a whole new generation of tree huggers. It’s fantastic :)

I think that’s it for now. My brain is shot and I need to lesson plan. ugh

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  1. plus the Phillies are actually winning early season games

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