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Apr 19 2010

Day 130: End of an era

So it was an end of an era in my classroom today. I survived, no one died. Just barely. Sadly, our streak of going 129 days without calling a classmate a mean name ended today. The era of good feelings is over. My children have been replaced with monsters.

I may acting just a little melodramatic.

Today they were acting out action verbs and it was the word “smells” and then use the word in a sentence. After A was finished acting out the word J said to A that he smelled like a “poophead” Next thing I know everyone at that center starting yelling, “J we’re not suppose to use bathroom words in school. ms sssssssssss!!” Needless to say, our classroom kindness flower lost a ton of petals.

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  1. celebrate the 129

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