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May 07 2010

Day 144: I’m Broken

Well, not really broken, but I’ve got a nice sprained ankle. I’d really like to say that I hurt myself doing something hardcore and intense, but nope, that’s not the case. Instead, I hurt myself stretching with my kiddos in math class on Tuesday. We were doing some count-by-2′s “reach for the stars” where stand…

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Mar 15 2010

Day 115: Rainy Monday

To preempt the rainy monday blues, our morning meeting this morning was all about springtime and how the rain helps our world look beautiful again. For the rest of the day not a single complaint about the weather was heard, not even before leaving for indoor recess. Nothing a little manipulation couldn’t fix. Our new…

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Mar 05 2010

Day 108: Go ahead and test me

Testing after a million bajillion snowdays is not fun. Testing on a Friday is not fun. Testing in first grade is not fun. Teaching first grade can sometimes not be fun. Do you know how stressful it is to be responsible for teaching 15 children how to read? Or count money? Or do addition and subtraction…

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Feb 22 2010

Day 101: Hockey Hangover

Apparently I have a hockey hangover from watching the olympics last night because today, while teaching, I actually said “Boys in Ms. Smith’s class we don’t fistacuff, we talk with one another at the peace table. Our hands are for helping and hugging, not for hurting.” at least I’m teaching them new vocabulary…

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Feb 22 2010

Happy 100th Day (plus 1)

The 2nd graders had a field trip on Friday which was our 100th Day of School so instead of celebrating it last week we celebrated it today with constant activities all centered around the number 100th and this milestone. And let me tell you, I am EXHAAAAAAAAAAAAUSTED. I think there should be a rule that…

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Feb 01 2010


so my day started with me dropping me toothbrush into the toilet. If that wasn’t a metaphor for the day, I don’t know what is. Teaching wise, it was fine. I mean aside from my child “with extra energy” rolling on the floor, acting like a dinosaur, and “driving a racecar” in the middle of…

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Jan 26 2010

Day 87: Half Day Blues

Today was a half day, with the rest of the day spent in teacher PD. Not going to lie, it was probably the longest half-day of the year. I forgot that my kids still had science today even though it was a half day, so Ms. Smith’s Normal Math Show-Me-What-You-Know Quiz show was cut short…

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Jan 25 2010

Day 86: Rain, Rain, Go Away

It rained today. I’m blaming everything that happened today on the rain. I realize that by blaming the day on the weather, I have the logic of a 6-year old, but such was life today. It POURED today. My classroom was shaking at times from the wind. We’re talking lights flickering, windows shaking rain. My…

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Sep 14 2009

year 2, day 4 :o)

Today was the first monday with my pumpkins and after today I can officially say that I’m not looking forward to Mondays this year. I had demon children today. It’s like they called one another up on the phone last night and decided to create havoc today. I had to change a couple of seats…

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Sep 09 2009

year 2, day 1

well I survived. just barely, but I made it. so where to start? how about the beginning. 6:15 came waaaaay too early this morning. I was up pretty much every hour from like 3 on. Excitement, nerves, you know the drill. Thankfully I showered last night because getting up any earlier than I did would…

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