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Jun 29 2010


year 2 has come and gone. lots of good things to reflect upon and write about, most likely about each of my 15 pumpkins, but that’s for later in the summer once I’ve had time to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and relax. but really, the whole reason for this post is to announce to the world…

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So today we learned French. The videos from l-gains were fantastic, and my students enjoyed watching her mannerisms. For instance one asked, “Why does she raise her eyebrow when she talks in French? Do all French people do that?” Another noticed that we look nothing alike but sound similiar. Best quote of the day though…

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Mar 05 2010

Day 108: Go ahead and test me

Testing after a million bajillion snowdays is not fun. Testing on a Friday is not fun. Testing in first grade is not fun. Teaching first grade can sometimes not be fun. Do you know how stressful it is to be responsible for teaching 15 children how to read? Or count money? Or do addition and subtraction…

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Mar 04 2010

Seen and Heard in 1st Grade…

While reading a story about Ruby Bridges: “If my friends were the white people and you were Mrs. Henry, you’d move them to red. Being mean and tattle-tailing is not fair” talk about some good text-to-self connections…

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Jan 21 2010

Day 84: Coin Drive for Haiti

So in just three short days, my school (120 amazing kinder-2nd students) has raised over $860 dollars for aid relief in Haiti. Cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I was saving this to buy xyz but the children in Haiti need it more”. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about the generosity…

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Oct 09 2009

Year 2, day 23 :)

So we had a hispanic heritage assembly today with songs and storytelling. During one of the stories people were arguing in it, and the man telling it said, “we argue from time to time, it’s okay.” well one of my babies turned around, looked at me, and said, “Ms. Smith, we don’t argue in your…

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One of my kiddos wasn’t in school yesterday, but came to back to school night with her mom. She ran up to me, gave me the biggest hug, and said, “Ms. S, I wasn’t grumpy or sad I couldn’t see you yesterday because I had a beautiful picture of you in my mind all day…

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Sep 14 2009

year 2, day 4 :o)

Today was the first monday with my pumpkins and after today I can officially say that I’m not looking forward to Mondays this year. I had demon children today. It’s like they called one another up on the phone last night and decided to create havoc today. I had to change a couple of seats…

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