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Nov 27 2008

5 fat turkeys are weeeeee…

My kiddos made “I am thankful for…” posters One wrote, “I’m thankful for the Cowboys” This is the same kiddie who told me that the Phillies stink. So to recap, first he disses the Phillies… then he professes his love for the Cowboys… He should have written “I’m thankful that Ms S hasn’t drop-kicked me…

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Jun 24 2008

Today’s the day

In just a few hours I will be making the 45 minute drive to Philadelphia for Induction, followed immediately by Philadelphia Institute for the next 5 weeks. It kinda feels like leaving for college all over again. The same feelings I had then, I have now. But unlike Buffalo, my family is still in the…

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Jun 12 2008

12 days and counting…

eeeks. Induction @UPenn is 12 days away, with Institute @Temple following shortly after that. I just have to get through all of this pre-institute work…

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