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Mar 15 2010

French 101, as taught by my sister

So L-gains made me a whole bunch of videos of her speaking some french basics – colors, numbers, alphabet, greetings. Tomorrow, my children are going to watch and practice. I cannot wait for the hilarity to ensue.

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Mar 15 2010

Day 115: Rainy Monday

To preempt the rainy monday blues, our morning meeting this morning was all about springtime and how the rain helps our world look beautiful again. For the rest of the day not a single complaint about the weather was heard, not even before leaving for indoor recess. Nothing a little manipulation couldn’t fix. Our new…

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so yesterday was awful with a capital A. My wonderful children decided to take chatty pills and my morning was just awful. So today I went into school with a plan – change some seats and put everything to a song. You see, my kids LOVE to sing. I’m pretty sure they would sing the…

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