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so I thought there was no better way to really reflect upon and wrap up my 2nd year of teaching than to write a mini reflection about each of my 15 pumpkins from the year. They made me smile, they made me laugh, they made me frustrated, upset, and sad. They knew how to push…

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Jul 12 2010

nytimes, what, whaaat

the few, the proud :) it’s okay to be jealous New York Times article

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Jun 29 2010


year 2 has come and gone. lots of good things to reflect upon and write about, most likely about each of my 15 pumpkins, but that’s for later in the summer once I’ve had time to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and relax. but really, the whole reason for this post is to announce to the world…

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Jun 16 2010

Day 171…

one more week. I can make it. report cards: check portfolios: semi-check student narratives: semi-check final reading levels: check final math mastery: semi-check final writing levels: ummmmmm 3 full days, including field day which shouldn’t count as a day 3 half days I can do this…….

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May 14 2010


while watching NCIS:LA this little beauty of a quote came up “Mina, you have a degree in early childhood education, you must love children…” haha, if only you knew NCIS:LA script writers, if only you knew.

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May 12 2010

Day 147: Seen and Heard

Seen and heard in 1st grade today D: Today, when I was the numerator, and I was reading the story…. I’m pretty sure he meant narrator, but hey, at least some math vocabulary from last month stuck around

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Apr 19 2010

Day 130: End of an era

So it was an end of an era in my classroom today. I survived, no one died. Just barely. Sadly, our streak of going 129 days without calling a classmate a mean name ended today. The era of good feelings is over. My children have been replaced with monsters. I may acting just a little…

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Apr 15 2010

Life Update

I’ve been incredibly busy with school and teaching these past few weeks. But, my thesis is finished!!! And after 8 hours of parent-teacher conferences I’m exhausted, but lesson plans for next week won’t write themselves unfortunately. For this month’s edition of why I teach moments: 1. During parent-teacher conferences A’s mom told me that he…

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So today we learned French. The videos from l-gains were fantastic, and my students enjoyed watching her mannerisms. For instance one asked, “Why does she raise her eyebrow when she talks in French? Do all French people do that?” Another noticed that we look nothing alike but sound similiar. Best quote of the day though…

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Mar 15 2010

French 101, as taught by my sister

So L-gains made me a whole bunch of videos of her speaking some french basics – colors, numbers, alphabet, greetings. Tomorrow, my children are going to watch and practice. I cannot wait for the hilarity to ensue.

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Mar 15 2010

Day 115: Rainy Monday

To preempt the rainy monday blues, our morning meeting this morning was all about springtime and how the rain helps our world look beautiful again. For the rest of the day not a single complaint about the weather was heard, not even before leaving for indoor recess. Nothing a little manipulation couldn’t fix. Our new…

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Mar 14 2010

And sleep, perchance to dream

I dreamt about my kids last night. It involved spelling test corrections, rain pouring in my room, a song and dance about drying off your face and arms with a towel but not your hair (apparently even while asleep I care about lice), and north korea. I think the rain may be getting to me

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Mar 10 2010

Day 111: Streeeeeetch it out

So yesterday it was bee-you-tee-full outside so I went for a run. A nice 2 mile run to the Battleship New Jersey and back. Nothing too major, almost fell in the Delaware River, no big deal. Well today my body was not happy with my decision. Sitting on the carpet criss-cross applesauce all day was…

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Mar 05 2010

Day 108: Go ahead and test me

Testing after a million bajillion snowdays is not fun. Testing on a Friday is not fun. Testing in first grade is not fun. Teaching first grade can sometimes not be fun. Do you know how stressful it is to be responsible for teaching 15 children how to read? Or count money? Or do addition and subtraction…

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Mar 04 2010

Seen and Heard in 1st Grade…

While reading a story about Ruby Bridges: “If my friends were the white people and you were Mrs. Henry, you’d move them to red. Being mean and tattle-tailing is not fair” talk about some good text-to-self connections…

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Feb 22 2010

Day 101: Hockey Hangover

Apparently I have a hockey hangover from watching the olympics last night because today, while teaching, I actually said “Boys in Ms. Smith’s class we don’t fistacuff, we talk with one another at the peace table. Our hands are for helping and hugging, not for hurting.” at least I’m teaching them new vocabulary…

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Feb 22 2010

Happy 100th Day (plus 1)

The 2nd graders had a field trip on Friday which was our 100th Day of School so instead of celebrating it last week we celebrated it today with constant activities all centered around the number 100th and this milestone. And let me tell you, I am EXHAAAAAAAAAAAAUSTED. I think there should be a rule that…

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Feb 11 2010

snowpocalypse 2k10: update

snow days: 4 teaching days: 1 dear snow, you win.

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Feb 11 2010

Pepsi Refresh Project

TFA is currently in 3rd place in Pepsi’s Fresh Ideas Project. PLEASE vote daily here – http://www.refresheverything.com/TFA – to help us win $250,000 in grant money to help our cause ps. spread the word!

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Feb 11 2010

snowpocalypse 2k10

teaching days: 1 snow days: 3 will I be inside my classroom tomorrow??

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Feb 08 2010

snow day!

thanks to 28 glorious inches of snow that fell on saturday, we had off today! The day off was exactly what I needed for my own health, not like anything has improved on that front. I still have an incredibly sore throat that seems to only enjoy eating and swallowing tea, water, juice (sometimes), and…

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Feb 01 2010


so my day started with me dropping me toothbrush into the toilet. If that wasn’t a metaphor for the day, I don’t know what is. Teaching wise, it was fine. I mean aside from my child “with extra energy” rolling on the floor, acting like a dinosaur, and “driving a racecar” in the middle of…

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Jan 27 2010

Day 88: Pictures :)

As promised yesterday, here are pictures of my classroom :) (Ignore the mess, please don’t judge) my door all decked out for College Awareness Week the learning library/writing center/listening center close-up of the learning library main wall, with phonics songs, 100 Book Challenge Steps, and some of the writing center more of the library –…

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Jan 26 2010

Day 87: Half Day Blues

Today was a half day, with the rest of the day spent in teacher PD. Not going to lie, it was probably the longest half-day of the year. I forgot that my kids still had science today even though it was a half day, so Ms. Smith’s Normal Math Show-Me-What-You-Know Quiz show was cut short…

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Jan 25 2010

Day 86: Rain, Rain, Go Away

It rained today. I’m blaming everything that happened today on the rain. I realize that by blaming the day on the weather, I have the logic of a 6-year old, but such was life today. It POURED today. My classroom was shaking at times from the wind. We’re talking lights flickering, windows shaking rain. My…

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