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Jan 22 2010

Day 85: Loooooong Friday

I was tired. My kids were crazy and had the worst case of the Friday’s I’ve ever seen. Put both together in the same room and you have probably the longest friday in the history of the world. A simple long-i kite making activity felt like it took days. Recess felt too short, and the…

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Jan 21 2010

Day 84: Coin Drive for Haiti

So in just three short days, my school (120 amazing kinder-2nd students) has raised over $860 dollars for aid relief in Haiti. Cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard, “I was saving this to buy xyz but the children in Haiti need it more”. Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about the generosity…

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Twas the day before Halloween and all through the school, 15 anxious children were seated, trying to just keep their cool. Their backpacks were hung on the coat hooks with little care, With bottoms anxiously wiggling around in their chairs. Now sitting on the carpet with Where the Wild Things Are being read, With visions…

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Oct 09 2009

Year 2, day 23 :)

So we had a hispanic heritage assembly today with songs and storytelling. During one of the stories people were arguing in it, and the man telling it said, “we argue from time to time, it’s okay.” well one of my babies turned around, looked at me, and said, “Ms. Smith, we don’t argue in your…

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so yesterday was awful with a capital A. My wonderful children decided to take chatty pills and my morning was just awful. So today I went into school with a plan – change some seats and put everything to a song. You see, my kids LOVE to sing. I’m pretty sure they would sing the…

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One of my kiddos wasn’t in school yesterday, but came to back to school night with her mom. She ran up to me, gave me the biggest hug, and said, “Ms. S, I wasn’t grumpy or sad I couldn’t see you yesterday because I had a beautiful picture of you in my mind all day…

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Sep 14 2009

year 2, day 4 :o)

Today was the first monday with my pumpkins and after today I can officially say that I’m not looking forward to Mondays this year. I had demon children today. It’s like they called one another up on the phone last night and decided to create havoc today. I had to change a couple of seats…

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Sep 09 2009

year 2, day 1

well I survived. just barely, but I made it. so where to start? how about the beginning. 6:15 came waaaaay too early this morning. I was up pretty much every hour from like 3 on. Excitement, nerves, you know the drill. Thankfully I showered last night because getting up any earlier than I did would…

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Let’s recap the week shall we? Monday – punched by “not an obstacle to my teaching” student (see day 120) Tuesday – same “not an obstacle to my teaching” student was swinging a chair around and almost hit another child in the head, missing by less than an inch, told by another student that he…

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Mar 15 2009

Day 120…

So it has come to my attention that I have not updated since January 16th ish…my bad. Therefore, I will try my hardest to look back and recap the past few months So last we “talked” I had just rocked out an extremely exciting lesson on food chains. After that came some really boring lessons…

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Jan 22 2009

I know an old lady…

Ms. S! In the book There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly there is a food chain except it’s not a real food chain because food chains always have the sun and plants. Enough said. And if that wasn’t good enough, my PD was there to see it all. :-)!!!!!!

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Jan 12 2009

Day 81…

Today was just one of those days. Every once and awhile you have those days where nothing seems to go right. And I mean nothing. Today was just one of those days. Every morning my kids get morning work to do before school starts. School starts at 8:30 but kids are allowed to arrive as…

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Jan 10 2009


I took a little break from this for a bit… it was really rough before winter break (as the previous post explains) and then this past week in school has been tough as well, but I’m back and have tons to share Since we got back from winter break my kiddos have been learning about…

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Dec 19 2008

a case of the downs…

I forgot I teach in Camden. It’s a very easy thing to do – my school is in a nice area, it’s a nice school, and a great little community has been built around this school. This week I was reminded twice that I actually teach in Camden, a tough urban environment… The first reminder…

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Dec 04 2008

it’s the little things

It’s been 62 days and I’m still taken aback at times by how my kids are amazed and engrossed with the littlest things. Today all it took was peanut butter, pine cones, and bird seed. Their naive outlook on life is refreshing. It’s a fun exercise to take a look back and look through life…

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So I thought lansdale’s xmas traditions were nutso… picture gillmore girls stars hollow, in real life… c-wood has the lights with trees along haddon (just like lansdale) but also has two huge signs that spell “season’s greetings” in xmas lights AND the town has loud speakers at the top of the light poles and currently…

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Nov 27 2008

5 fat turkeys are weeeeee…

My kiddos made “I am thankful for…” posters One wrote, “I’m thankful for the Cowboys” This is the same kiddie who told me that the Phillies stink. So to recap, first he disses the Phillies… then he professes his love for the Cowboys… He should have written “I’m thankful that Ms S hasn’t drop-kicked me…

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Head, Thorax, Abdomen (Abdomen) Head, Thorax, Abdomen (Abdomen) Insects have 3 body parts Head, Thorax, Abdomen (Abdomen) I’m pretty sure that song will be stuck in my head until the rest of time. I’m teaching it to my kiddos to help them remember the parts of an insect.  All day today during exploration stations all…

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Oct 07 2008

Chapter 2…

Average pretest score – 42% Average end of chapter test – 92% % Growth – 50%!!! Smashed my goals…again 85% class average goal – check! 30% growth goal – check! and no one scored below a 75%

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Sep 24 2008

we never did this at my old school

that’s what one of my kids told me today. “We never did this at my old school, I love it here” We planted seeds today. The kiddies gobbled it up. Who knew digging a hole and planting seeds could bring them so much joy. I also had them wear their goggles to make them feel…

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Sep 23 2008

the ups and the downs

On Friday my students took their first science test. The average grade was a 87%. My goal was 85% so I was very happy to see us make our first goal. Yesterday, I gave my kids a pre-test on the next chapter (plants/living and non-living things). The class average was a 41%. Welllll… I guess…

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Jun 30 2008

Day 1, DONE

Well, I survived induction. The institute welcoming ceremony was last night. Wendy Kopp, the founder and CEO of TFA gave a little speech, along with some other people – 2005 Teacher of the Year, some alums. All in all, it was a good night. Fell asleep around 11:30ish, got up at 5:30. I didn’t even…

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Jun 24 2008

Today’s the day

In just a few hours I will be making the 45 minute drive to Philadelphia for Induction, followed immediately by Philadelphia Institute for the next 5 weeks. It kinda feels like leaving for college all over again. The same feelings I had then, I have now. But unlike Buffalo, my family is still in the…

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Jun 12 2008

12 days and counting…

eeeks. Induction @UPenn is 12 days away, with Institute @Temple following shortly after that. I just have to get through all of this pre-institute work…

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